About us

Our Mission

To encourage creativity and beauty regardless of a person’s identity and interests with sparkly products.
Where it all started
The company was started by Adariel Lee when she was 14. Her interest in the art of jewelry making started when she was introduced to jewelry making at the age of 9. And after having increased her experience and built a stronger interest in jewelry making, she decided she wanted to share her creations with the world. After selling a couple of pieces, and being interviewed by the Folk-Culture Program about her pending occupation during her high school years, which was submitted to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. She was inspired to study marketing in college in the hopes of starting her own jewelry company and then expand. She plans to spread her idea of beauty with the world In order to bring out a woman's inner beauty. Although she has gone through many trials in life starting with her first heart surgery at the age of 15 to the heart transplant she had to have at the age of 19 she never loses the vision of being an entrepreneur and owning her own business.

 Our brand was re-branded to launch a handmade cosmetic line in 2020.She wants this brand to be for the people who don’t mind getting a little bit of attention since she personally experienced making friends due to her style. World of Sparkle is for people of all sparkle levels (from little to utmost) to get a look that reflects their personality and style.